Club Rates

Membership Costs

  • Non-refundable Application Fee:

    • Flying Member: $100

    • Associate Member: $10

    • Additional family* Members (Flying or Associate): $10 each

  • Dues: Monthly dues cover the overhead of the club; leases, insurances, utilities

    • Flying Member: $100 per month

      • Additional family* Flying Member: $50/month per additional person

      • Additional voting family* Associate Member: $25/year per additional person

      • Additional non-voting family* Associate Member: no fee

    • Associate Member: $50 per year

      • Additional family* voting Associate Members $25/year per additional person

      • Additional family* non-voting family Associate Member: no fee

*Family is defined as a couple and their children, if any, living together as a unit. However, the Board recognizes that in today’s world no single definition of “family” can possibly cover all cases. If there is any question if 2 people are members of the same family the Board will decide on a case by case basis.
When a family has at least one Flying Member and one Associate Member, the Flying Member dues will prevail at $100/month with all other membership dues at 50%. Example: One Flying Member and one voting Associate Member would be $100/month and $25/year.


Aircraft Use Fees

Aircraft use fees cover the hourly cost of flying the aircraft; maintenance, fuel, oil and a fee to the aircraft owner. These rates go up or down by a couple of dollars based upon current fuel costs.  All these costs vary from aircraft to aircraft. Please visit the Aircraft page to find the hourly rental costs for each aircraft.